Charlotte Elective Leadership Program

Thank you for your interest in exploring civic leadership in Charlotte!

The future prosperity of the Charlotte region and all our citizens will be determined in large part by the leaders elected and appointed to represent us. Therefore, our duty is to ensure those future leaders are the best possible representatives with the purest intentions.

Vision: To identify, inform and inspire the public service of excellent leaders who will work collaborative and effectively to build upon Charlotte’s history of strong public/private partnerships and to create innovative approaches to positioning our region and all citizens for future prosperity.

Lead Organization: Founded in 2010, The Institute for the Public Trust is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to “finding, recruiting and training great new leaders to run for public office in North Carolina and the United States.” The Institute has trained dozens of individuals who have successfully sought public office or entered appointive government service.

Program Overview: The mission of the Charlotte Elective Leadership Program, presented by the Institute for the Public Trust, is to identify, recruit and train excellent candidates for Charlotte’s elected leadership and appointed boards. Many talented and successful leaders will need both encouragement to run for public office, as well as an understanding of how modern campaigns and elected office work.

The program is a non-partisan effort designed to provide the necessary information to seriously consider candidacy and to conduct a successful campaign.

Through the generosity of funders, there is no fee to participate in the Charlotte Elective Leadership Program.

Program Details: Each class will consist of 15-20 participants. The curriculum is conducted over 8-12 sessions within a four-month period. Each session is under 3 hours. Topics include:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Charlotte History/Context
  • Campaign Finance
  • Polling
  • Media Relations
  • Campaign Compliance
  • Running a Successful Campaign
  • Leadership Panel


  • June – July: Candidate selection / notification of acceptance
  • September 11th: Program Launch
  • November/December: Class concludes / graduates

Please submit the following by clicking on “Apply Now” below.

  • Resume or CV
  • Short interest letter describing why you are interested in participating and include qualifications and leadership experience
  • Nominator information


Send your questions to Institute for the Public Trust 

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